BGRI 2015 Technical Workshop

September 17-20, 2015

The 2015 BGRI Technical Workshop featured over 300 participants from 47 countries coming together in Sydney, Australia, hosted by the University of Sydney.




WIT Early Career Winners

Mentor Winner

Gene Stewardship

Poster Awards

  • Best in Show
    — Diane Saunders, The Genome Analysis Centre and John Innes Centre, for “Supercharging the radars for pathogen surveillance”
  • Best Student Poster
    — Melissa Lim, University of Minnesota for “Berberis holstii is functional as an alternate host of Puccinia graminis in Ethiopia”
  • Best Farm Outcomes
    — Bekele Abeyo, CIMMYT for “Performance of CIMMYT germplasm in Ethiopia: Key materials for variety development”
  • Runner Up
    — Brande Wulff, John Innes Centre for “Targeting stem rust resistance genes Sr32 and Sr1644 for cloning by mutagenesis and sequence capture”
  • Runner Up
    — Kerri Neugebauer, Kansas State University for “Wheat Gene Expression Differences Induced by Six Races of Puccinia triticina”