Shideh Mojerlou

2015 Women in Triticum Early Career Award

Shideh Mojerlou, from Iran, received her PhD in plant pathology from Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, in 2014, where she has since joined the faculty as a lecturer. Shideh is interested in exploring plant disease epidemiology as well as the genetic, cytological and molecular basis of resistance to host and non-host fungi in important crop plants in order to employ the genes to achieve disease resistant cultivars, reduce yield loss and prepare to meet the food needs of a hungry world. Her research foci include the genetic of stem rust resistance in Iranian wheat landraces as well as non-host resistance of barley to wheat stripe rust. Shideh has a keen interest in plant resistance breeding because she believes it is the most cost effective way to protect crops and minimize the risk of epidemics.

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Shideh Mojerlu

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