The stem rust is becoming the burning issue in the area of wheat disease after the appearance of a new virulent race Ug99. The screening of the wheat genotypes at Kenya platform has become a new way to develop the resistant varieties. Different wheat genotypes have been tested in Kenya since 2004/2005 wheat season with the assistance of CIMMYT-SARO. Nepal has been sending segregating materials as well as advanced material of bread wheat. In 2017/18 also Nepal had send the 100 wheat genotypes for the screening against Ug99. The observation of the disease severity and the infection type was taken. Among the 50 advanced lines 18 wheat genotypes including the four crosses from National Wheat Research Program have the coefficient of infection (CI) below 1.0. Wheat genotype NL 1260 and NL 1321 has the lowest CI with resistant infection type. Similarly BL 4708, BL 4812, BL 4814 and BL 4820 were the best Nepalese wheat genotypes. WK 2550 and BL 4757 were the most susceptible wheat genotypes.