Bipolaris drechsleri is a novel species of microfungi described by Manamgoda et. al. (2013). B. drechsleri was found infectious on wheat in India under natural condition in various locations. Leaf spot symptoms are irregular brown spots, with dark margin surrounded by chlorotic halo. Different isolates showed different infection rates on different varieties of wheat. Five isolates are (MCC 1673, MCC 1746, MCC 1747, MCC 1748, MCC 1907) isolated and identified to be Bipolaris drechsleri based on combined ITS and GADH gene sequencing. Colony morphology of isolates vary from white to grey and black with irregular white margin. The length and width of the conidia vary from 47 – 56 μm and 15 – 20 μm respectively. Conidia are dark brown, slightly curved to straight, ellipsoidal, obclavate, smooth walled with inconspicuous hilum. Additional investigations on host range, survival, disease cycle is required in point of biosafety measures.