Yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) is one of the biotic stress factor limiting the quality and yield in wheat and this disease could be seen nearly everywhere in Turkey. The pathogen migh cause an epidemic especially in cold and rainy climatic conditions. Fungicide using is one of the controlling method for this disease. However, it is significant to improve resistant/tolerant varieties against yellow rust since using chemicals has negative effects on environment and cause chemical-resistance in pathogen, as well it is not economically effective for farmers.

For this reason, 130 genotypes obtained from different programmes and countries under the International Wheat Winter Improvement Programme has been tested against Warrior race (PstS7; 1,2,3,4,-,6,7,-,9,-,-,17,-,25,-,32,Sp,AvS,Amb effective on these resistant genes) during adult plant stage between 2021 and 2022 with artifical inoculation in Ankara İkizce Research Station of Cenral Research Institute of Field Crops.

The genotypes has been sown one meter row and susceptible control variety (Little Club) has been added in every 10 genotypes row. When the reactions on susceptible variety reach to 90S, the genotypes has been evaluated by using Modified Cobb Scale. According to results of adult plant reactions, 32% of the genotypes is immune, 34% of those is resistant, while 8% is susceptible.