Amor Yahyaoui

2023 Women in Triticum Mentor Award

The 2023 WIT Mentor awardee is Dr. Amor H. Yahyaoui, vice president of the Borlaug Training Foundation. Amor is a dual citizen of Tunisia and the United States. He worked at the University of Tunis II as professor, college (ESAK) director, and regional coordinator of research development in Northwestern Tunisia. In 1998, he joined the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) as senior Cereal pathologist and IPM project coordinator. He led ICARDA’s efforts on yellow rust research and monitoring Ug99, and he detected and monitored its spread to Yemen. Amor coordinated ICARDA-CIMMYT Wheat Improvement Program (ICWIP) in Central West Asia and North Africa, then joined CIMMYT in 2012 as wheat training officer where he developed two wheat training courses: 1) Basic Wheat Improvement Course targeting young scientists and graduate students, and 2) a modular Advanced Wheat Improvement course accommodating early-career scientists. During his career Dr. Yahyaoui supervised over 20 Ph.D. students, the majority from Tunisia and Syria, as well as Ethiopia, Cameroun, Lebanon, Uruguay, Algeria, and Morocco. While retired, besides his continuous support to students, Amor is enhancing public-private partnerships on research development in Tunisia and working directly with farmer organizations, service providers, research institutions. Amor hosted WIT Awardee visits to CIMMYT from 2012-2020.

“I appreciate your recognition of my contribution to the WIT program since its onset, and my mentorship of young women scientists worldwide. This award further encourages me to continue supporting women leadership in agriculture.”

Amor H. Yahyaoui