Amanda Peters Haugrud

2023 Women in Triticum Early Career Award

Amanda Peters Haugrud, from the United States, is a research geneticist with the USDA-ARS in Fargo, North Dakota in the Cereal Crops Research Unit. Her current research program focuses on pre-breeding and germplasm improvement for both tetraploid and hexaploid wheat, focusing on the Great Plains region. Previously, Amanda studied wheat molecular genetics with Justin Faris at the USDA-ARS and North Dakota State University, where she received her MS and PhD degrees. Her dissertation research focused on mapping of yield component traits in tetraploid wheat populations, along with characterizing the disease septoria nodorum blotch in wheat. Amanda also contributed in the past year to the scientific community by serving as the WheatCAP educational coordinator as part of her post-doctoral studies, contributing to the education and mentorship of over 35 graduate students across the United States studying in diverse wheat breeding and research programs.


  • PhD in Genomics and Bioinformatics, North Dakota State University 2021
  • MS in Plant Science, North Dakota State University, 2017
  • BA in Biology, University of Minnesota-Morris, 2015
Amanda Peters Haugrad

“Collaboration and research networks are vital to making improvements and changes in agriculture. I am excited to join this international community of women researchers striving to improve food security across the globe, and I hope engagement with other WIT award winners will lead to future collaborations towards these efforts.”

Amanda Peters Haugrud
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